Although many people love their shower steamy hot or warm, a cold shower is considerably healthier and more beneficial than a hot bath. Many athletes prefer taking a cold shower to a hot one. Some of the most classic royalties such as Katharine Hepburn enjoyed a cold one. Among other benefits, a cold shower helps your body relax, improves your mental state and is also better for the environment.

Cold showers aren’t, however, meant for everyone. Individuals with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and the elderly should seek a GP’S approval before taking a cold shower. The GP will/should be able to determine whether or not to take a cold shower.

Some of the benefits and advantages of having a cold shower include:

1. Post-Workout Recovery

If you are an enthusiastic supporter and follower of the Olympics, you may then have borrowed one or two tricks on how to maintain physical fitness. Many of the participants in the summer Olympics had one thing in common; they love a cold shower.

Our bodies and especially the muscles produce lactic acids among other toxic waste products during and after a workout. This leaves the muscles inflamed and swollen hence the burning sensation. Cold water helps keep blood vessels tighter hence making it possible for the de-oxygenated and waste-rich blood to be pushed to purification chambers (the kidneys). This also means more oxygenated blood is pumped to the inflamed tissues, hence faster recovery. Having a cold shower can, therefore, promote more rapid recovery especially after a serious or strenuous workout.

2. Combats Morning Syndrome

While this may be a big NO for most people, taking a cold shower even on a chilly morning is beneficial to your body. If you are among the many of us that suffer from morning syndrome or have a slow start in the morning, you should then consider taking a cold one. The icy stream of water makes your heart pump faster than it was initially. This is the reason why most people gasp when their skin come into contact with cold water or winter temperatures for that matter. As frightening as it may be, the sudden jab gives your heart a boost, meaning more oxygenated blood starts flowing into all body organs. The more oxygen you get, especially your brain, the sharper and alert you will be.

If a cold shower frightens you, you should then consider getting a digital shower head. The shower-head allows you to set precise temperatures and water flow. This could help train your body into adapting to a cold shower over time. Stone and Chrome has some fantastic shower options to help you, gradually, jump into the cold showers.

3. It Is Environmentally Friendly

While a cold shower helps keep your brain alert and facilitate faster muscle healing, it helps conserve/save the environment as well. You will not only conserve energy but also cut down on utility bills. In addition to this, having an icy cold shower means you never have to dilly dally in the shower – this translates to less water used.

Just because a cold shower is beneficial doesn’t mean you should just dive into it. You need a systematic way to approach it to avoid getting a heart attract (not literally though).
The best time to have a cold shower is in the morning after waking up.

If this is your first time, consider water temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. If these temperatures are too low for you, you should then prepare your body for it. Start off with your hands, feet, head, and then the rest of the body. Your body will have adjusted fully by the time you are washing your face.

For those frightened of a cold shower, consider having a warm one, then lower water temperature over time. Spend the last two minutes of your shower time beneath a cold stream. Start your day with a cold shower to enjoy the benefits in the long run. It is friendly to your pockets too.