Wood flooring can make a house look sophisticated, attractive and warm, so it is no wonder more people are turning to this natural material for their flooring solution. Engineered wood flooring comes in many different styles and qualities, with lots of great options for your home. Read on to discover all the benefits of this type of flooring for your house.

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Many engineered wooden floor boards are made from various different layers of hardwood which have been laminated and then arranged in a cross-over structure. This type of arrangement is called plywood. These floor boards can then be finished with a special varnish to give a walnut or oak effect. This type of oak engineered flooring is highly popular and gives a durable and attractive finish.

Increase Property Value

Engineered wood flooring can work wonders for the value of your property. It can be a good investment thanks to its strength and hard wearing properties. Real wood engineered flooring also gives great flexibility, as it can be sanded down later on and re-layered in different colours or finishes, making it ideal for home buyers looking to redecorate.

Timeless Appeal

Real wood has a timeless appeal because it is classic with its individual grain. Oak engineered floor boards from stockists such as wood floor warehouse have an ageless beauty. It is also perfect for a busy room in a family home. Wooden flooring like this can easily be wiped clean and is so hard wearing that any spills or damage can easily be cleaned, repaired and covered up. Hardwood is so easy to clean compared with carpet, as any dirt can be hoovered or brushed up easily. It is also naturally slip-resistant for safety and warm to the touch for comfort.

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Engineered oak floor boards can last a century if they are looked after properly. Laminate flooring and carpet both have much shorter lifespans of perhaps a decade or so. This makes wood a great long-term solution and it can last your whole life without ever needing to be replaced. It is also suitable for all environments, from kitchens to living rooms to bathrooms. Its layered core and sealed layers safeguard it from humidity. Engineered oak floor boards can fit over your existing floor or you can fit an easy underlay. Underfloor heating is also easily added.