Synthetic grass or familiar called artificial grass is a solution for those who crave the presence of green shades in the dwelling without requiring difficult care. Synthetic grass has a visual and texture that resembles the original grass, but is shaped like a sheet of carpet. The advantage of this artificial grass lies in the practicality of installation and maintenance, so many landscapers are beginning to switch to using artificial grass instead of the original grass. Like the carpet, these synthetic grass sheets are easy to unpack. Treatment is easy, just spray water and brushed with a soft brush, or can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust attached. To beautify your home, you can use such artificial turf Phoenix AZ that is low maintenance, easy to install and certainly looks like the original grass in general. This type of grass maintenance is quite easy.

This one decor may never have crossed your mind. Now may be the time you dare to try the decor that the end result is able to make the house look more beautiful and feels cool. Before planning to buy it, there are a number of things you need to know. First, the price. This price variation depends on size, thickness, and quality. Secondly, the synthetic grass decorations that can be applied to the interior of the house are those that resemble the garden synthetic turf. Synthetic grass decoration gives priority to beauty, with brighter colors and decorative look.

And thirdly, it is important to know that the synthetic grasses that contain carcinogens – commonly used for futsal field – are very potential to trigger cancer for a person. Here are the characteristics of synthetic grass that must be avoided:

  • Made from recycled materials such as scrap plastic and rubber scrap from used tire.
  • In the market the price is cheaper.
  • Have hard texture, stiff, not soft, easily destroyed, the color fade easily, smells unpleasant, and difficult to clean.

While the synthetic grass that is safe for health has the following characteristics;

  • The base material is 100% pure plastic without going through the recycling process.
  • The price is relatively more expensive, and has obtained a license certificate that ensures the safety and quality of the synthetic turf.
  • It looks and felt different because of its soft texture, not rigid, flexible, durable, bright colors and not easily faded, odorless and easy to clean.

Many artificial grass experts summarized some tips on choosing a good and durable artificial turf for space in the house, namely:

  • Make sure the synthetic grass is not easily uprooted, if necessary look at the back. Usually, a nice synthetic grass fitted with wicker on the back.
  • Better yet, if you choose a synthetic turf that is equipped with flame retardant coating for water resistance.

Installation of synthetic grass decoration does not require professional personnel, so anyone can do it. This is because in the application process does not require special equipment. It’s just that you need a little precision to make sure it looks neat and beautiful. Keep in mind, the installation of synthetic grass decoration requires a flat and dense field.

Another interesting thing about the decor of the room with the synthetic grass is the treatment. You do not have to bother cleaning it, when the grass is smothered with dust and other stains and dirt. Just spray with water, then wipe with a clean cloth or a small broom to remove stains. Let it dry by itself, and the synthetic grass can look fresh and clean again. There are several types of synthetic grass materials, including grass from polyethelene (PE), durability of this type of grass is strong because it is woven and resistant to sunlight. Secondly, the polypropelene (PP) material of this material is susceptible to its reason because the grass is not woven. Although these two synthetic grasses are made of different materials, they are both easy to install. Installation of synthetic grass for cement and concrete areas, grass can be tied with nails or dinabolt. This grass need not be watered because it will not die or grow big.