Doors and drawers sometimes need a bit of TLC and adjustment to keep them functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Considering the amount of times you open a cupboard door or drawer, it is no surprise that the moving parts on these will at some point need adjustment to keep them functioning optimally.

Pot or European hinges come in various forms and functions, but ultimately work the same and are the most commonly used. They keep the doors tightly closed and are concealed on the inside of the cupboards. They are extremely reliable if installed correctly. It is important that the screws that keep them in place are only tightened by hand and not a powered screwdriver. Too much torque and the screw will spin, which renders its holding capacity useless. If they do come loose over time, replace the screws with the same length screw, but one that has a larger width. For example, if 3.5 x 16mm screws were previously fitted, replace them with 4 or even 5 x 16mm fully threaded chipboard screws.

European hinges also have two adjustment screws that can be used to make the doors move left and right – and in and out – ultimately making doors line up perfectly.

If you need to adjust the door height, you can slack down on the hinge plate fixing screws and move the hinge plate up or down as necessary before tightening the fixing screws.

Horizontal adjustment is achieved by tightening or loosening the front screw on the hinge arm.

Final adjustment is done via the screws at the back of the hinge arms. These should be adjusted if the door isn’t sitting flush against the cabinet.

Drawers usually have very little that can be fixed. Over time, their plastic wheels might break off, the rails come undone or some even lose their bearings. It is best to replace these with new ones. And as with the hinges, use a hand screwdriver to drive the screws in and leave the powered machinery for something less delicate.

If your doors and drawer fronts are looking a little worse for wear you can easily replace them with a new piece of MelaWood in the same colour as the rest of the kitchen. This is a quick and cost effective way to keep your kitchen looking new without having to remodel or replace all of the units.