Having a new home is sure to be a very pleasant thing for married couples especially newly married. But for the clean-up problem when will move to a new home, often becomes annoying and troublesome. Moreover, it took extra time and effort to quickly tidy up the luggage and re-arrange the entire furniture. Not to mention, many cribs luggage messy often makes you emotional and irritated. To solve this problem, there are effective tips for those who want to plan to move the goods to the new house:

  1. Add a Label In Every Box

Nothing is more irritating than to rip the box because you do not know what’s in your default box. To make it easier to identify the luggage, while doing the packing, label the contents of each of your box. It can simplify your work when smoothed back luggage. By labeling, you would know what was in the boxes that you carry. Label the boxes can be easier for you to check back to the goods to be taken.

  1. Choose the right time to move

Start moving moving house when you have spare time, for example during the weekends. Try moving moving house in the morning. You can have a long time to carry heavy items.

  1. Prepare the vehicle for goods

If you rent a truck, do check the price no later than one week prior to moving house. So that you can more freely make a bargain price of rent, so they can get the best price. And also you have to be smart in choosing the moving industry services, so that your goods can be safe during the way and arrive at your home on time. For the moving industry services that is right for you, you can use the movers Phoenix AZ. it’s important to research what moving company your going to use. Before hiring a Phoenix Arizona moving company you should always make sure the company has a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau and read reviews from past customers. Two Men and a Truck has an outstanding reputation with the Arizona Better Business Bureau and they will help protect your belongings during the big moving day.

  1. Measure the dimensions of each room before moving furniture.

When you wish to set the room to be filled furniture, you’ll want to measure the area of the room. Do not move the furniture before measuring the area to be occupied. There are many advantages if you take measurements before moving goods. First, it can prevent accidents that might make your furniture scuffed or scratched. It is also very helpful when you go shopping for furniture, can know the size of the tables and chairs that fit if you want to put in a room.

  1. Ask for Help From Friends

Ask for help from a friend to tidy up the goods and brought to a new place. It also depends on how much furniture you when you move. If not too much, any help from close family may be sufficient. Because it has more people to help will lighten the load.

  1. Do not move all in one time

If not possible, do not force to move all items in one trip. When packing should separate electronic items which will be taken like TV, laptop, glass and other heavy items into a second trip. If possible carry electronic goods by car. Unless you will travel a very long distance, this method usually works better, because electronic items and glass is very vulnerable to broken or damaged, so it should be more careful carrying it.

  1. Protect furniture glassware

When moving, glassware such as plates and glasses also need extra attention. Because wrapping paper plates and cups with inefficient and time consuming. In order not to break due to a shock while in a truck or car, give the board a towel on the box as a container. Furthermore, the stack of plates and glasses carefully in boxes. Be sure to coat the bottom side and top side with a thick towel. Use a towel as you need. In this way, it is guaranteed glassware you will be safe and secure during the trip. Try not to use a truck transporting them, because shocks, can be shattering.