Windows provide some of the most concrete evidence it’s time to replace them, compared to any other part of your home. A quality set of windows can last for two decades or more if they’re well-maintained. Old windows can cause many problems. These can range from looking unsightly to draining energy. If you’re not sure it’s time for new windows, here are five signs the time has come.

1. Visible Window Damage

If more than new hardware or weather-stripping are needed to repair a window, the best option is to replace it. Broken windows, sashes, and frames should always be replaced. If they’re warped, then replacement is usually recommended as well. You may still be able to operate the windows in your home, but they should not fog up, stick, or be drafty. A window that closes when it should stay open is neither functional nor safe and should be replaced.

2. It’s Time for a Home Makeover

Worn out windows will make your house look its age. Chipping window material and faded coloring don’t look good; even an old screen or storm window will reduce the appearance of the overall house. Upgrading the look of the structure can also mean improving interior comfort. New windows can boost airflow and the natural light that gets inside.

3. You Can Feel the Draft

If you put a hand in front of a window and feel air escaping, it’s time for a replacement. Drafts occur because the windows break, shrink, and stop closing the way they should. A draft can severely limit your home’s energy efficiency.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Going Up

Drafty windows can increase energy bills by as much as 25 percent. More sunlight from new windows can reduce the demand on the heating system; less of a draft can give the cooling system a break during the summer. Insulated glass and other energy efficiency options are available. You can choose specific types of windows depending on the climate you live in. Windows designated as Energy Star Most Efficient will afford the most energy savings.

5. The Window Doesn’t Lock

A non-locking window is a security risk. Potential intruders can easily get inside, so be sure to repair a lock if possible or else the entire family’s safety may be at risk. If you have old windows, the best option is to replace them with newer and better windows and locking mechanisms.

These are five common signs you need new windows. If you need Replacement Windows Richmond VA is served by leading experts in the field. Old windows don’t have to reduce the comfort, efficiency, and value of your home; replacement windows will maintain your house’s functionality and value.