Five Things to Look for When Choosing Cat Food

Whether you own one cat or a collection of barn cats, you want to feed them the type of food that contributes to their good health. As you shop for cat products online, including hard or soft foods, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Look at five examples.

The Size of Your Cat

Some cat breeds are larger than others. The cat food you choose should suit the size of your pet. A large Persian cat will need more nourishment in a day than a wiry Siamese cat. Oftentimes, a bag of cat food will have specific instructions on it as to the daily amount of food to feed your cat. Knowing the proper amount to feed you pet will prevent you from overfeeding, causing your cat to gain weight.

The Age of Your Cat

Kittens and cats need different types and amounts of food per day. A kitten’s bones and muscles are still developing so they need certain types of vitamins and minerals to ensure that happens. Alternatively, older cats are fully-developed, so they need a dose of vitamins and minerals that sustains the health of their bones and muscles. Today, most cat food manufacturers create categories of food designed for cats of different ages. So, it’s important to look for that information as well as read the instructions to determine how much to feed your cat.

Activity Level

Some breeds of cat are more playful than others. The activity level of a cat also depends on its age and overall state of health. When choosing food for a cat, you must keep in mind whether your pet gets a lot of exercise during the day or sleeps most of the time. A cat that sleeps a lot needs to have its calories controlled so it doesn’t become overweight. A cat that runs around and plays with its siblings or other cats in the household can ingest more calories because they will be burned off.

Special Health Considerations

Before choosing a food for your cat, think about its health conditions. Perhaps your vet told you that your cat has a kidney condition that requires additional amounts of vitamins and minerals in its diet. Or, maybe your cat is dealing with cancer and needs special elements in its diet to help fight the disease. Today’s cat owners are fortunate to have so many choices when it comes to specialized foods for their pets.

Health Goals for Your Cat

Do you want your senior cat to lose weight? Maybe you want to ensure that your new litter of kittens receives food made to strengthen and develop excellent eyesight and hearing. Looking at the specific information on a bag or container of cat food can help you choose one that’s designed to help you accomplish the health goals you have for your pets.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to select two or three different types of cat food so you can compare them. Then, choose the one with all the elements you’re looking for. Remember, as your cat grows older, it’ll be necessary to change the type of cat food you give it to keep your pet in healthy condition.